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Insurance Myths

– Here are just a few of the more common, frequently heard comments/expressions:

“I’ve got ‘full coverage’.” Quite often we learn that means the person has a car with a loan and needs Collision and Other Than Collision (otherwise called Comprehensive) coverage. These cannot be purchased without Auto Liability coverage. And, “full coverage” comes in all sizes. Just like a glass “full” of water, how big is your glass?? You can select from state-mandated minimum Liability limits to $500,000 per person limits, Medical Payments in multiples of $1,000, Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist limits matching the Liability limits, various combinations of deductibles for Comp. & Collision, Towing, Rental Reimbursement, Loan/Lease coverage, etc.

“Don’t I have a ‘Grace Period’ to get my bill paid?” Only in Life & Health will you find such a term. For Auto, Home and Business Insurance, each company has different rules and dates by which you MUST pay your bill or it WILL “cancel”. You will get a “Cancellation Notice” with a “Cancellation Date”. If the company doesn’t get the money by THAT date, your policy stops. PERIOD.

“My record is clear. That ticket/accident was over three years ago.” WRONG. All violations, license suspensions/revocations/reinstatements and accidents stay on your record for FIVE years, except any drug or alcohol violations, which stay on your record for LIFE in Wisconsin. Granted, most companies only care about the past three years, yet any “major” violation or license suspension within five years is important!

“How can that accident be on my record? It wasn’t my fault!” ANY accident that was written up on a police/sheriff or personal/volunteer report WILL be posted to your driving record. If the “other guy” was at fault or got a ticket, then the accident report will exonerate you. You just need to get a copy of it to show the insurance company.

“The accident wasn’t my fault. I didn’t get a ticket for it.” Au Contraire. As with the above situation, the accident report will indicate by the diagram and description of what happened and/or the witnesses statements and/or the police officer’s opinion of the “driver factors” whether you or the “other guy” caused the accident. Not having gotten a ticket may simply mean the officer was being kind or didn’t have sufficient proof to ticket you.

“I don’t carry insurance on my old car (just the new one). It’s not worth it.” Hah!! While it may not be worth anything in trade to insure for Collision, it’s worth a million bucks to an attorney for the injured baseball player you put in a wheel chair. AND, because it’s nothing but a “bucket of bolts”, chances are it is in such bad mechanical condition that it’s far more likely to cause an accident (failed brakes, steering, stuck accelerator, etc.


“Let ’em sue me. I’m not worth nothin’ and I don’t own anything.” Do you take home a paycheck? How’d you like to take home HALF a paycheck and share it with the injured person and their attorney?

“Put the car in my wife’s/girlfriend’s/dad’s name. The insurance will be cheaper ’cause their record’s better than mine.”OH?? And, do you want to put all their assets “on the line” instead of yours? Just because it’s in their name won’t change the fact that YOU will be the primary driver. And, with YOUR driving record, they stand a better chance of being sued because of you than themselves. We’d tell them to run far away from you.

“Why do you need to know about my roommate/spouse/child?? I NEVER let them drive my car. (or) They have their own car.” And, chances are they have a worse driving record, (or) they have no insurance on their auto at all. Insurance companies can give you pages of claim stories where the other party in the household drove the insurance customer’s car and had an accident. (OR) The other party was driving with you as a passenger and caused an accident where YOU got hurt. Guess what? YOUR insurance company would pay under the Uninsured Motorist coverage. And, don’t forget, in Wisconsin, ALL Auto Insurance policies cover ALL members of the household. NONE can be excluded, like Indiana allows.

“My friend says that living across from the fire station will make my Home Insurance cost less.” Unless your friend has an insurance license, it is best to ignore his/her remarks. Each community has a Protection Class rating, depending on whether it has a paid or volunteer fire service. The furthest distance any property is from the fire station determines the PC rating. Being next door or a block away is not the issue in how much your policy will cost. Some friends’ advice or comments can be dangerous. Stay away from them.

“My buddy at work says he’s paying a lot less for his insurance than I pay you.” And, do you compare paychecks, too? Your buddy’s car may be similar to yours but have slightly different features. He may have his cars and home insured with the same company (car/home discount). He might have lower Liability limits or a higher deductible. He may not drive as far to work as you do. He might live in a different “rate territory”. He might have a better driving record than you. His agent might actually be lying to your insurance company about how far he drives to work. And on and on.

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